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Whether they've continued on in the field of television or video, or gone on to other things in the communications field, here's a place to see where the alumni of the PTHS Media program have gone and what they are up to...

If you are (or know of someone who is) an alumnus of the program, please e-mail us with an update of what you're up to, work that you've done, accomplishments, let us know if we can publish your info & e-mail, etc.

Jessica Beradino (2006)

Promotions Manager, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA. Graduated from Muskingum College with a BA in Journalism.

Jessica's LinkedIn Page

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Kyle Blackman (2006)

Has worked as a camera loader and utility on various TV series and motion pictures, including "Pan Am", "The Beautfiul Life: TBL", "Royal Pains", "Damages", "Mercy", "Step-Up 3D", and "Mr. Popper's Penguins". Graduated from Full Sail University. (2006 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Kyle's IMDb Page

Ryan Boni (1992)

Public Access Director, Peters Township Community Television. Freelance camera operator for Pittsburgh Pirate baseball games, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey games, high school football and many other sports, corporate and music productions. Has worked for MSG, MASN, CSN, WGN, SportsNet LA, NFL Network, ESPN, MLB Network, TSN, CBC, Fox Sports 1, SPEED Channel, all of the local stations, and many others. Graduated from Robert Morris College with a degree in Communication Management.

Ryan's LinkedIn Page

Emily Ann Brandstetter (2007)

Script Coordinator, TV Land/BET/Nick@Nite. Graduated from Syracuse University majoring in Television Radio Film. (2007 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Emily's LinkedIn Page

Stephen Brooks (2004)

Producer/Editor, Sherer Video Productions in Pittsburgh. Graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications from Calvin College.

Stephen's LinkedIn Page

Grant Burkhardt (2008)

Podcast Host & Producer, "The Middle". Graduated with a BS in Broadcast Journalism from Ohio University.

Grant's LinkedIn Page

Colleen Cavolo (2010)

Freelance Editor and Sound Designer, currently working for Yummy Plants Community. Graduated with a B.A. in Cinema and Digital Arts from Point Park University.

Colleen's LinkedIn Page

Melissa Clawges (2011)

Corporate Communications Assistant at United Talent Agency in Los Angeles, CA . Graduated with a B.S. in TV-Radio-Film/Marketing Management from Syracuse University.

Melissa's LinkedIn Page

Alecia Connlain (2003)

Director of Marketing, The Renfrew Center in Philadelphia. Graduated from Towson University. (2003 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Alecia's LinkedIn Page

Kevin Corrigan (2011)

Projection Assistant and Videographer, Redford Photography. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Video Production from Ohio University. (2011 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Kevin's LinkedIn Page

Alexis Costa (2002)

Global Media Manager, Fossil Group, Inc. in Dallas. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Psychology from Syracuse University.

Alexis's LinkedIn Page

Jill DiBiase (2004)

Editor at Utopic in Chicago. Jill has edited numerous shorts and two feature-length films, "Close Quarters" and "Open Tables". Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Film and Video: Editing. (2004 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Jill's LinkedIn Page

Jill's web page

Jill's IMDb Page

Nicole Ducouer (1999)

Morning Anchor at WXII 12 News in Greensboro, North Carolina. Nicole was a reporter for 3 years at WDTV, before becoming a reporter at WXII in 2006 (she was promoted to morning anchor in 2007.)  Graduated from West Viriginia University with a degree in Journalism.

Nicole's LinkedIn Page

Nicole's profile on WXII's web page

Matt Earley (2003)

Senior Account Manager, Saatchi & Saatchi X in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Graduated with a BA in Corporate Communications from Robert Morris University.

Matt's LinkedIn Page

Alexandra Egan (2008)

Account Executive, KDKA-TV. Graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in Communications.

Alexandra's LinkedIn Page

Elizabeth Egan (2011)

Social Media Coordinator, Dick's Sporting Goods. Graduated from John Carroll University with a BA in Communication and Media Studies.

Elizabeth's LinkedIn Page

Kelly Eltschlager (2004)

Sr Analyst, Finance & Strategic Planning, Pop Media Group in Los Angeles. Has also worked in the finance departments of Different Drummer, CBS Films, and Summit Entertainment. Graduated with a BA in Communication: Electronic Media & Journalism from Waynesburg University. (2004 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Kelly's LinkedIn Page

Kaleigh Fitzgerald (2010)

Office Production Assistant, Legendary Pictures for the pilot "Downward Dog". Kaleigh has been a PA or Office Production Assistant for episodes of "Hoarders" (Lifetime), "Banshee" (HBO), "American Ninja Warrior" (NBC), "Godfather of Pittsburgh" (A&E), "Undercover Boss" (CBS), and was an Office Production Assistant on the feature film "Love the Coopers". Graduated from Point Park University with a BA in Cinema Digital Arts and Screenwriting.

Kaleigh's LinkedIn Page

Hannah Foster (2014)

Production Assistant, Upper Cut Studios, Supply and Demand and Phenomenon Post. Attending the University of Pittsburgh for Communication and Media Studies (anticipated graduation in 2018). (2014 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Hannah's LinkedIn Page

Keith Froelich (1998)

Video Media Teacher, Upper St. Clair High School. Graduated from Ohio University with degrees in Video Production and Language Arts Education. (1998 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Keith's page on the USC web site

Luke Furedy  (2007)

Post Production Supervisor, YogaGlo in Santa Monica, CA. Was previously Video Editor at WQED Multimedia and Assistant Editor at Phenomenon Post Productions. Graduated with a BA in Cinema and Digital Arts from Point Park University.

Luke's LinkedIn Page

Christopher Galiszewski (2004)

Digital Content Manager, Hickory Daily Record (Hickory, NC), Staff Writer, and Contributing Writer, Pittsburgh Sports Report. Graduated with a BA in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Chris's LinkedIn Page

Shalynn Giovannitti (2010)

Account Executive, Froggy 104.3 & Pickle 92.1. Graduated from Clarion University with a degree in UGRD Arts & Sciences, Communication: Broadcasting BS. (2010 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Shalynn's LinkedIn Page

Ben Glicksman (2007)

Assistant Producer, Sports Illustrated. Graduated from Northwest University with a BS in Journalism, Psychology, and Integrated Marketing Communications.

Ben's LinkedIn Page

Rob Griffith (2008)

Creative Director, Fulcrum Pittsburgh, LLC . Graduated with a BA in Communications/Electronic Media from Waynesburg University.

Rob's LinkedIn Page

Brittany Grzejka (2011)

Promotions Assistant, CBS Radio in Pittsburgh.  Also film editor and editing intern, The Hunter Group. Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography and Film/Video Production from Penn State University.

Brittany's LinkedIn Page

Julie (Hartz) Winch (2005)

Social Media Director, Emory University in Atlanta. Was previously Assignment Editor/Producer at CNN Wire Affiliate Services and at CNN Newsource. Graduated with a BS in Broadcast Journalism from  Ohio University.

Julie's LinkedIn Page

Andy Hughes (2009)

Producer, Pittsburgh Penguins Radio Network and Founder, Writer and Radio Show Host of The PensNation. Graduated with a BA in Radio and Television from California University of Pennsylvania.

Andy's LinkedIn Page

The PensNation web site

Danielle Marie Hume (2011)

Sports Production Assistant, Penn State Public Media, WPSU. Graduated from Penn State University with degree in Telecommunications.

Danielle's LinkedIn Page

Adam Kalidonis (2002)

Camera Operator and Webmaster for Joe's Wildside Adventures TV show. Graduated from Robert Morris University with BA in Media Arts. (2002 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Adam's LinkedIn Page

Sophia Yiannis Kamouyerou (2012)

Theatrical Services Technician  for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment in Orlando, FL. Formerly was an Audio Technician at The Walt Disney Company. Graduated from Full Sail University with degree in Recording Arts.

Sophia's LinkedIn Page

Laura Karras (2010)

Assistant Account Executive for Gatesman+Dave, a marketing communications agency in Pittsburgh. Graduated from Penn State University with degree in Marketing. (2010 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Laura's LinkedIn Page

Kristin Keeling (2004)

Worked as a reporter and news anchor for WCHS-TV in Charleston, WV and WDTV in Weston, WV. Graduated from West Virginia University with degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Kristin's LinkedIn Page

Brandon Kelly (2001)

Editor, National Endowment for the Arts in Los Angeles. Has also worked as a Director of Photography, Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Digital Artist, Camera Operator, Producer and Compositor for Elite Daily, FOX Sports, TiER1 Performance Solutions, Wrecking Crew Media, and many others. Graduated with a BA in Film and Television from Penn State University. (2001 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Brandon's LinkedIn Page

Carolyn Klasnick (2005)

Co-Owner and Executive Producer, Post Script Productions, LLC in Pittsburgh. Graduated with a BA in Broadcast Communications from Elon University.

Carolyn's LinkedIn Page

Post Script Productions web site

Cait Knoll (2005)

Producer, The Drive, Time Inc., in New York. Previously Producer, Skrtach TV, and Multimedia Producer/Editor, MLB Advanced Media. Graduated with a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State University.

Cait's LinkedIn Page

Ryan Kramzer (2004)

Filmmaker, Upside Collective in Schenectady, NY. Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Film/Cinema/Video Studies.

Ryan's LinkedIn Page

Christen Kuhl (2002)

Executive Assistant, Wray Ward Creative Marketing Communications in Charlotte, NC. Graduated from Ohio University with a BS in Radio, Television and Digital Communication and Communication: Management Specialization.

Christen's LinkedIn Page

Jonathan Makrinos (2007)

Owner, Jerky Bear Productions in Los Angeles. Also works as a Freelance Videographer for Wind Production and a Freelance Videographer/Editor for Conscious Leadership Connection. Graduated with a BA in Filmmaking / Photography from Columbia College Chicago.

Jonathan's LinkedIn Page

Jerky Bear Productions web site

Mike Mannion (2008)

Sales Assistant, NBCUniversal, Inc. in New York. Graduated with a BA in Film Studies & Communications from the University of Pittsburgh.

Michael's LinkedIn Page

Tressa McCune (2003)

Owner, Tressa McCune Photography. Product Coordinator, Professional Graphic Communications. Graduated with a BA in Communication from Geneva College.

Tressa's LinkedIn Page

Cody McDevitt (2003)

Reporter, Daily American and a Freelance Journalist in Pittsburgh. Graduated with a BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Masters Degree in Journalism from Point Park University.

Cody's LinkedIn Page

Dan McKosky (1997)

Video Production Teacher, Seneca Valley High School. Graduated from Ohio University. (1997 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Dan's Page at Seneca Valley HS

Melissa Moretti (2005)

Associate Producer, Disney ABC Television Group in New York. Was previously Tape Coordinator, Production Assistant and Audience Coordinator for "The View" at Disney ABC Television Group. Graduated with a BA in Media Arts - Television/Video Production from Robert Morris University.

Melissa's LinkedIn Page

Matt Muetzel (2005)

Product Manager, PNC. Graduated from Grove City College with BA in Political Science and from West Virginia University with an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications. (2005 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Matt's LinkedIn Page

Emily Norton (2007)

Client Support Specialist, Mindset Digital. Graduated from Ohio University with a BS in Communication, Media Management. (2007 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Emily's LinkedIn Page

Chris Obarski (2004)

Sports Reporter/Anchor at WITN-TV in Greenville, NC. Previously was reporter, anchor and/or intern at KVRR-TV, WBIR-TV, WEIU-TV, and KSDK-TV. Graduated from University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a BS in Communication, Journalism (Sports Concentration).

Chris's LinkedIn Page

Alexandra Oleynik (2008)

Producer at Animal VFX in Pittsburgh. Previously was Brand Ambassador (Yelp), Production Associate (2012 Summer Olympics, NBCUniversal), Production Assistant ("The Dark Knight Rises", Warner Bros.), and Production Assistant (Wimbledon Championships, NBCUniversal). Graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Television-Radio, Writing.

Alexandra's LinkedIn Page

Taylor Piedmonte (2007)

Working as an actor in Los Angeles, CA. Has appeared in "Coffee Shop Kings", "Offspring", "The Scrapper", "Somewhere in Between", "Mimesis", "The Scrapper", "Rolling" and on the TV series "The Marriage Counselor" and "Devious Maids". Graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from Aquinas College.

Taylor's IMDb Page

Justin Pinto (2000)

Co-host of the extremely popular TV show and internet sensation, "Inside Media Weekly". Also a Math Teacher at Peters Township High School. Graduated with a B.A. in Secondary Education - Mathematics from California University of Pennsylvania.

Inside Media Weekly web site

Desiree Pollard (1994)

Writer, Pittsburgh Autism & Parenting Examiner, and Owner, DLP Consulting. Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (1994 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Desiree's LinkedIn Page

cory popovich.jpg

Cory Popovich (2005)

Product Manager, Nettwerk Music Group. Graduated with a Public Relations Degree from the University of Southern California in 2009. (2005 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Cory's LinkedIn Page

Nettwerk Music Group's web page

Garrett Rooney (2005)

Commercial Production Coordinator, AICP TV commercials in New York. Graduated with a BFA in Film & TV Production from New York University. (2005 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Garrett's LinkedIn Page

Megan Ruffing (2004)

Photographer, Wylie Images. Graduated with BS in Commercial Photography, Business from Ohio University. (2004 Sy Lerner Award Winner)


Megan's LinkedIn Page

Wylie Images's web page


Laura Ruzicka (2005)

Digital Media Supervisor, MARC USA. Graduated with a Bachelor's Degrees in Advertising and Psychology from Penn State University.

Laura's LinkedIn Page


Adam Salandra (2002)

Working as a freelance writer, actor, and comedian in Los Angeles, CA. Also is Weekend Editor/Staff Writer at MTV Networks/Logo. Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Ohio University.

Adam's LinkedIn Page

Adam's YouTube Channel

Adam's web site

Lauren Salandra (2005)

Working as a actress, casting assistant and camera operator in Los Angeles, CA. She has various television series, commercials and film shorts. Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Video Production/Media Arts & Studies from Ohio University.

Lauren's LinkedIn Page

Lauren's IMDb Page

Lauren's YouTube Channel

Lauren's web site

Christopher Schuck (2009)

TV/Digital Media Editor, Comcast Spotlight, and Video Director/Editor, E-Motion Pictures. Graduated with a BA in Film, Television from Penn State University. (2009 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Christopher's LinkedIn Page

Brittany Schwartz (2002)

Director, Global Ad Operations & Sales Compliance, Spotify. Graduated with a BA in Communications from Elon University and an MBA in Business from Liberty University. (2002 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Brittany's LinkedIn Page

Steve Sentner (1997)

Marketing Campaigns Manager, Highmark. Graduated with degrees in Sociology and Marketing from Duke University. (1997 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Steve's LinkedIn Page

Hannah Squeglia (2013)

Multimedia Associate Producer, Miss Universe Organization. Attending Ohio University for Communication, Integrated Media (anticipated graduation in 2017). (2013 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Hannah's LinkedIn Page

Joseph "Jes" Stockhausen (2008)

Freelance Cinematographer, Director, Photographer. Previously Photographer/Video Producer, Oakley. Graduated with a BSBA in Marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Jes's LinkedIn Page


Rachel Sunday (2010)

Community Marketing Manager, Peaceable Kingdom in San Francisco. Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sport and Fitness Administration/Management from Saint Mary's College of California.

Rachel's LinkedIn Page

Elle Walker (1998)

Co-Founder, What's Up Moms (the #1 parenting channel on YouTube with over 2.6 million subscribers and over 15 million views per month) and YouTube Content Creator, WhatUpELLE. Graduated with a BS, Science, Technology & Society from Stanford. (1998 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Elle's LinkedIn Page

What'sUpMoms' YouTube Channel

What's Up Moms' web site

Ashley Wilson.jpg

Ashley Wilson (2011)

Media Marketing Coordinator, Universal Music Group in Nashville. Graduated with BA in Cinematography and Film/Video Production from Loyola Marymount University and a BBA in Music Business from Belmont University.

Ashley's LinkedIn Page


Mike Wolenski (2003)

Director, WIAT-TV (CBS 42) in Birmingham, AL. Before that he was a Weekend Director at WYTV-TV in Youngstown, OH. Graduated with Broadcast Communication degree from Westminister College. (2003 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Eric Yeckley (2011)

Post Production Assistant, "American Horror Story" (20th Century Fox Television). He has also been a Production Assistant on "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and was an extra in "Foxcatcher." Graduated with BS in Cinema Production from Ithaca College. (2011 Sy Lerner Award Winner)

Eric's LinkedIn Page

Eric's IMDb Page