PTCT History - 2010


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Stats & Facts for 2010


Conversation Nation with Hardy Kern

Highway & Hedges Outreach Ministries Show

Studio 2




Digital Disk Recorder

Character Generator

P2 Card

Large Presentation Monitor




mini DV

Total programs produced: 554

Total studio shows produced: 335

Most productions (month): 70 (Oct.)

Least productions (month): 12 (July)

Total programming hours: 7,857

Total online show views: 9,786

Total website views: 12,939


Public Access Director: Ryan Boni

Volunteer & Production Coordinator: Laura Dougherty

PTHS Television Broadcast & Media Production Teacher: Robin Hodgin-Frick

5 Shows that were aired the highest number of hours:
Let's Talk Healthy Pets (283)
PTHS Boys' Soccer games (237)
PTHS Girls' Soccer games (220)
PTHC Hockey games (214)
PT Boys' Lacrosse games (188)

5 Most Watched shows online: 
PT Council Meetings (2,213)
PT Planning Commission Meetings (1,022)
Let's Talk Healthy Pets (567)
Highway & Hedges Outreach Ministries (476)
Real Estate A to Z (430)

Most Watched episode online: 
Conservation Nation - debut show (204)

Top 5 Students for Event/Outside Shoots (2009-2010 school year):
Pat Walker (40)
Eric Yeckley (29)
Steve Magreni (22)
Kevin Corrigan (21)
Karen Jackson (20)



  • Ed Wisniewski was re-elected Chairperson and Toni Sulkowski was re-elected Vice-Chairperson of the Peters Township Cable TV Board.


  • The station ordered three LCD teleprompters for use on its studio cameras.  These prompters had larger and clearer screens which made reading scripts much easier for all of the on-air talent.


  • A digital disk recorder, the Grass Valley Turdo iDDR was purchased for the television studio, which allowed for direct digital recordings of all programs that are done in the television studio.  These enabled the process from recording to cablecast to be improved in speed and in quality.



  • The station purchased an additional P2 card for use with its two single-camera set-ups.  This gave the station the added flexibility of extended record times and increased turnaround time for equipment, as it was no longer necessary to immediately clear a card of its recordings before sending a camera back out for its next production.
  • The station added a large presentation monitor to its pre-production room which enables the station to teach large numbers of volunteers at the same time.



  • A new laptop was purchased for use in Council Chambers enabling the Township Manager to better integrate the display of maps with the video projector that is seen by both residents and Council members at each Council Meeting. 






  • PTHS Television Production studentsreceived 2 Awards of Excellence at the TVT Student Video Festival held at Robert Morris University.  The winners were in the PSA category "Character Does Count" created by Christine Aaron, Tom Norton & Pat Walker and in the Sports Highlight Category "PTHS Boys Basketball Highlight Video" produced by Mike Glod & Dan Makrinos.  PTHS Media Students have captured 71 Awards of Excellence from the TVT Student Video Festival.
  • Peters Township Community Television hosted a group of Tiger Cub Scouts on a hands-on tour of the studio.
  • Again this year, the PTHS Media Classes and Peters Township Community Television hosted students from Bower Hill Elementary School.  The 3rd graders got a chance to learn about videotaping, editing, audio, technical directing, on-air talent, studio camera, still camera, darkroom and yearbook activities.  At the end of their visit, the students got a chance to take part in a live broadcast of Last Word in Sports with Dale Lolley and asked questions of the host, trying to stump his sports knowledge. 
  • A new weekly show recorded in the PTCT television studio, Highway & Hedges Outreach Ministries Show, made its debut.



  • The station ordered numerous pieces of quality control equipment, such as LCD monitors, distribution amplifiers, TVs and speakers, to be added to its playback area, enabling the staff to monitor video and audio levels for all three channels more precisely.

    ·        One-time programs that appeared on PTCT in May included: Trinity United Methodist Church Broadway Night, German Fashion Show, Drive to Stay Alive, 9th Grade American Government Commercials, Recognition of Excellence Awards, McMurray Rotary Spelling Bee – Pleasant Valley, PTHS Powder Puff Football, and Character Counts Awards.