Senior Perspective

In Memory of Erma Grego,

we are playing a Senior Perspective Marathon

The following episodes will be played:

Nov. 9, 2018 (starting at 3:00 p.m.):

"Peters Township Post Offices” (rec’d 1994)

"1st Barbershop in Peters Township” (rec’d 1995)

"Artists - Part 1” (rec’d Sept. 1995)

"One Room School” (rec’d March 1994)

"Ambulance Service” (rec’d May 1995)

"Artists - Part 2” (rec’d Sept. 1995)

"Telephone Company in Peters Township” (rec’d 12/1/95)

"Physical Therapy for Seniors” (rec’d 6/7/96)

"Senior Games ‘96” (rec’d 6/19/96)

"Peters Township Middle School Heritage Day” (rec’d 11/20/96)

"Senior Activities in Peters Township” (rec’d 3/11/97)

"Sandy’s Book Shoppe” (rec’d June 1998)

"Wright’s Church 175th Anniversary” (rec’d 8/15/98)

"Senior Lunch at Venetia School” (rec’d 1/5/05)

"Washington County Arts Choir” (rec’d 4/2/09)

Nov. 10, 2018 (starting at 6:00 a.m.):

"Peters Township History: Hackett” (rec’d 7/22/99)

"Peters Township History: Venetia” (rec’d 8/14/99)

"Peters Township History: Bower Hill” (rec’d 8/19/99)

"Peters Township History: Thompsonville” (rec’d 10/6/99)

"Peters Township History: Donaldson’s Crossroads” (rec’d 10/28/99)

"Peters Township History: McMurray” (rec’d 11/4/99)

"Civil War Display” (rec’d 8/24/00)

"Peters Township History: Live Call-In” (rec’d 3/26/01)

"The Wright House” (rec’d May 2001)

"Venetia Community Center” (rec’d 8/14/01)

"Comcast Cares - Venetia School” (rec’d 4/25/09)

"Renovating the Senior Game Room at the Venetia Community Senior Center (Girl Scouts)” (rec’d 6/8/09)

"Santaland” (rec’d 3/18/10)

"Exploring the Mason Dixon Line with Author Jack Layton ” (rec’d 6/4/10)

"Decorative Paintings - Mary Ann Yurus ” (rec’d 3/22/11)

"Linn Hamilton Reads His Poetry ” (rec’d 4/5/11)

"Senior Games 2011” (rec’d 6/14/11)

"Venetia Heritage Society Senior Luncheon” (rec’d 1/9/14)

"Rev. Richard Roberts - Wrights/Edwards United Methodist Church” (rec’d 6/13/14)

"Senior Luncheon” (rec’d 6/11/15)

"Village of Venetia with Rev. Richard Roberts” (rec’d 10/5/15)

"Myra Oleynik, Peters Township Public Library Director” (rec’d 8/12/16)

"Douglas Grimes, Peters Township Chief of Police” (rec’d 8/31/16)

"Michael McLaughlin, Deputy Fire Chief, Peters Township Fire Department” (rec’d 2/15/17)

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